Game Speed is a community-based youth athletic travel team that was established to empower youth through sports. The purpose and vision is to help develop and expose youth’s athletic talents so they may eventually receive athletic and academic achievements, high school diplomas, and college scholarships.

The impact of sports for youth has demonstrated and improved our youth’s attitudes, self esteem, confidence, grades, relationships, respect for peers and elders as well as reducing crime in the community. University of Florida Hall of Fame Member and Director, Dan Cross, has developedteams and qualified coaches to equip youth in surrounding communities with the necessary tools to become productive young men and women.

“We want to teach them not only skills and fundamentals of basketball but skills and fundamentals that will prepare them for life. The skills that are taught in basketball or in any other sport can directly be correlated with all life experiences, accomplishments and adversities, says director Dan Cross”.

Teamwork, discipline, following instructions, time management, leadership, winning and losing are all skills that youth need to be taught on the court and off the court. With these positive values being reinforced our program will continue to be a success.

With over 25 years of basketball knowledge and experience, Dan Cross (University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame Member and SEC Legend) have put together a team of qualified coaches, volunteers, mentors and a parent committee who understand the importance of utilizing sports to teach youth life skills.


It Takes a Team to Raise a Family

In recent years many of the youth have been drawn into nationwide problems crime, drugs, obesity, illiteracy and youth unrest. To help youth become strong enough to resist the pull of negative influences, Athlete Connections Foundation will provide youth in the community with positive influences. The goal of our foundation is to instruct, educate, discipline and reach the youth through sports activities before they get into serious trouble. These activities will help build their self- esteem and prepare them for the future. All student athletes must have the opportunity to participate regardless of race, creed, sex, economics status or ability. Youth sports should be a growth rather than a limiting experience for youth in the community.

Goals: #1 – to promote and increase participation in sports, fitness and recreationprograms and activities for disadvantaged youth in the area.


  1. Identify youth with interest, need and skill to participate in sports.
  2. Increase scholarships and funding for registration and equipment fees.
  3. Recruit collegiate and professional athletes, business professionals as mentors to the youth. Develop health, fitness and wellness.


Goals: #2 – to improve education awareness, drug awareness and attitude after participation in Athlete Connections Foundation youth sports program



  1. Offer volunteer mentoring and instruction for youth.
  2. Expand awareness on education, crime, alcohol and drug awareness.
  3. Recruit volunteers to speak about life skills.


Goals: #3 – to learn new positive social and personal development life skills for at-risk youth to manage in everyday society.



  1. Expand awareness on social and personal development.
  2. Recruit speakers to discuss life skill topics.
  3. Individual and group counseling on social and personal development.
  4. Encourage, organize and expand community service projects



  1. Improvement in school attendance the academic performance.
  2. Reduction of juvenile delinquency and negative behaviors.
  3. Encourage participation in community service by at-risk youth.
  4. Promote personal and social responsibility among at-risk youth.
  5. Provide general guidance and support to at-risk youth.
  6. Decrease in drug and alcohol use among at-risk youth.
  7. Improvement of life skills and problem solving skills.
  8. Participation in youth sports programs and activities.