“I learned how to play defense and how to shoot from the free throw line and to play as a team. I learned how to save my money and not to spend all my money from Mr.Moses. I really learned to respect people and never quit and say I can’t. The game I really like is eyes on the prize. If you have your eye on the prize and you make your shot you may win that prize.”
– Avery

“At this camp I’ve learned various things such as shooting form and dribbling the ball without looking down. I also learned coordination with running through ladders and jumping over training boxes. Besides basketball we’ve learned many other things at this camp like respect and perseverance. They taught us how to respect our teammates and coaches. We were told to never say, “I can’t,” because we can. Instead we use words such as help me, teach me, and show me. My favorite drill was the shooting drill. Coach Cross taught me how to shoot to the fullest of my abilities by telling me to keep my body aligned to the rim, keep my eyes on the goal, and to use my weak hand as a guide”
– Somaj Stewart

“My sons really enjoyed your camp last summer. In fact they said that it was the best camp that they had ever attended. Although they are only recreational basketball players, they really improved their game and learned so many good things from you and your staff. Thank you for providing a quality experience for my kids.”
– Aimee Merriman